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When is it time to refresh your logo?

When is it time to refresh your logo?

Like most things these days, things go out of style. So too can your corporate identity, which brings us to this blog: When is it time to refresh your logo?

A logo is a unique symbol that graphically represents your product, service or company to the world! However, once it is created, it usually doesn’t stay the same over the period of time. While a well-designed logo will stand the test of time.

Recent statistics have indicated that you should at least consider updating your logo once every five years, however, there are many factors to take into consideration.

A refresh is like rearranging furniture around your living room every few months, a change is as good as a holiday! it’s not like your building a new home, you’re just changing how your audience sees your current one.

If your corporate brand is not positioned in the minds of your target audience where it should be, it might be time to consider a rebrand or refresh. However, ensure that you begin the logo refresh project by identifying the features of your logo that are key to your brand recognition.

Maintaining and growing your brand awareness and brand preference needs to be top of mind during your refresh process.

Here’s a few things to consider when evaluating a potential rebrand are:

  • Does your logo still match your company’s vibe or personality?
  • Has your company gone through major change?
  • Have you merged with another company?
  • Has your business expanded into a new market?
  • Is your branding outdated or inconsistent?

If you’re going down that road, don’t get anxious with the prospect of a brand refresh. Updating your corporate identity can be as easy as changing the font in your logo, or redesigning it and applying those changes to your digital and print collateral; It’s nothing to be intimidated with! But, you shouldn’t make changes unless they are called for.

A quick survey with your trusted & loyal clients may make the decision easier, they will always give you their honest thoughts

Remember! over time you build equity with your brand and making unnecessary major changes can harm that equity. So, when the time does come to do some rebranding, be sure to incorporate some of your previous branding in with the new.

It is important to keep your current customers in mind when trying to reach new ones.

So why not sit down with our qualified team about your upcoming refresh or rebrand? You’ll be pleased with the results. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 02 4952 7599 if you have any further questions or need further assistance.