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How Printed Marketing can help your Business

How Printed Marketing can help your Business

Print media has ruled as the absolute monarch of information for several decades. Up to this time, printed forms of business’ advertising tools have remained the highest in demand with an engagement score of 22-29% (Australia Content Marketing Research, 2018). With the rise of digital convenience, it should have collapsed by the wayside – but it didn’t.

Printing has evolved and done a lot of things since its discovery but fading away is never one of them. The print industry still thrives as a vital partner for marketing any business. Let’s rediscover the three essential facets of using printed marketing materials in business:

Print can help your business stand out

By being tangible, using printed marketing materials creates an edge over your competition. Print media helps you stand out from a crowd where most businesses pour their efforts online. Shane Perry, Max Funding’s senior finance consultant, considers print advertising is still useful. He shares,” A large percentage of the global population still reads newspapers and magazines. Some out of habit and others consider it a symbol of respectability. Print ads are notably less intrusive, and they also provide extensive exposure because the reader can study the ad any time limit or interruptions.”

Print marketing engages customer curiosity

To drive local engagement and sales, your business’ marketing strategy needs to integrate a blend of traditional and digital approaches. Most of us have approximately 15 seconds of attention span when skimming online content while 43 seconds in reading a magazine. Researchers have found that offline prints elicit curiosity as it demands better information retention and emotional response.

Successful business owners of today still bring with them business cards, prefer direct mails, showcase company brochures, and give out thank you cards. When customers receive customised print marketing materials, it makes them feel that the brand truly cares.

Print can last longer than digital

Print media can also extend your reach for a longer period of time. Magnets and stickers create a lasting promotion as they can be stuck to most surfaces rather than discarded.

Combine digital and print marketing to provide alternative options to your customers wherever they may be.


Reach more audiences, showcase your brand, and make a unique impression using print media.

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Article written by Natalie James
Feature photo by Bank Phrom